8 Obvious Social Media Mistakes You Could Easily Avoid

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8 obvious social mistakes bloggers make

Often times when bloggers join social media they only have one goal in mind: build a huge following, drive traffic to their blog and convert that traffic into email subscribers or paying customers.

Or some bloggers use their social media following to get brand collaborations or sponsored posts to make money.

But with the changing algorithms and platforms focusing more on paid ads, it’s getting harder and harder to build an organic social media following.

That’s not all though!

Sometimes bloggers also make a lot of mistakes on social media trying to accomplish those goals and end up getting disappointed.

Who doesn’t want fast results, right? But it’s not that easy. Not if you are trying to do things the right way, the organic way.

If you are a blogger struggling with social media then this post is for you.

Let’s see what some of the common social media mistakes that bloggers often make are and how you can avoid them.

Not Understanding Your Audience

The very first mistake bloggers make on social media is that they don’t try to understand or get to know their audience.

This is very important guys!

You need to to understand and know your audience well so that you can connect with them at a personal level.

Don’t just start posting whatever comes into your mind.

Do some digging and find out where they hangout online, who they listen to, which blogs they read, what they like, which type of posts they most engage with, what’s the best time they are online… The more you find out the better.

This will help you create exceptionally great content that will get you more likes and followers… but more than that your audience will actually engage with your content because well! you did you research.

Follow For Follow/Like For Like

Social media is not just a numbers game anymore and if you play like it is, you will fall quick and you will fall hard.

In order to get faster results what many bloggers do is that they engage in threads like follow for follow and like for like… What this basically means is that you follow someone and they follow you back or you like someone’s post and they like your post back.

While this may seem like it’s helping you get more followers and likes but in reality, it’s actually hurting you. How?

Firstly you follow people from all sorts of niches and the same people follow you back. This messes with the algorithm and you don’t reach the right audience, the actual audience in your niche that you should be trying to reach.

Secondly some people only engage in these threads to get followers and then after you follow them they unfollow you.

So don’t do it and only follow people in your niche that you are actually and genuinely interested in.

And if you follow someone don’t expect them to follow you back.

Trying to Tackle Multiple Platforms at Once

As a beginner blogger, seeing bigger names in your industry or niche present on all different kinds of platforms can sometimes inspire you to do the same.

But trying to be present on all the social media platforms that exist and creating content for each one of them can get quite overwhelming.

You need to realize that the big names often have a team behind them to help them with their content creation and social media presence and as a beginner you don’t have that team yet so you don’t have to copy them.

What you can do instead is try to put all your focus and attention on a single social media platform and conquer it with all your heart.

And once you have mastered that platform, built a successful following then you can focus on other platforms and divert that following there as well.

Easy peasy!

Copying Other’s Content

Do I really have to explain this one?

Sometimes what newbie bloggers try to do is that they copy social media content from other bloggers because well it’s the easy route.

What happens when you do this?

You actually lose your personality.

You have to realize that every audience is different, even in the same niche. People follow someone on social media because they connect and relate to the person behind the content.

If you copy others posts, people won’t be able to connect with you.

So make sure that you create original content personalized specifically for your particular audience.

Not Networking

Social media platforms are called social networks because it’s a place where you can actually meet and network with like minded people.

But what do most people end up doing instead?

Posting random stuff and sharing useless links which most probably nobody really cares about.

Instead if you use those platforms to network with big names and like minded people in your niche or industry, it’d open a lot more opportunities for you.

Not Engaging

Oftentimes what you’d notice is that someone on Instagram or Twitter has a lot of followers but their posts would literally get any engagement. The ones they get are mostly from their dog and grandma.

You don’t wanna be like them and you can easily avoid that by doing a really simple thing…

Engaging with other people’s content in your niche.

Not only would this increase exposure and engagement on your own content but you’ll also build connections with awesome people as well.

I know how many awesome connections I’ve formed by just engaging with their content on social media.

Self Promotion

This is a mistake made by literally 70-80% of the bloggers. (Please don’t be one of them!)

What they’d do is that they ONLY post links… i.e. links to their blog posts or any other type of content, affiliate links, product links and that’s all.

This could be such a turn-off for your audience, the people who follow you to connect with you and see who you are as a person.

Yes posting links is great but DON’T JUST SETTLE TO THAT.

Post different types of content as well. Educate, entertain, ask questions and engage with other people as I mentioned above.

Not Being Themselves

There’s a misconception that “fake it till you make it” works when it comes to social media.

Let me tell you that it doesn’t and your followers would sense it from a mile’s distance that you’re faking it.

What’s the solution?

Be genuine and true to yourself. Show your real personality out there and you’d attract the right people and build long-lasting relationships.

Final Thoughts

Yes everybody wants a huge following but it’s just not a numbers game anymore. If you have a small but really engaged following, you’re doing a great job.

Just avoid making these mistakes as much as you can and hey, you’ve mastered the art of social media marketing (Kinda!).

If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share it. You can also pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. It won’t take more than a few seconds.

8 obvious social media mistakes to avoid

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  1. Ruhee

    Hey Rahul,

    Your post is really very interesting and informative. I enjoyed reading your post and couldn’t stop myself to say something about it. you said it right that the new bloggers have one goal in mind of building huge following, drive traffic to their blog and convert that traffic into email subscribers or paying customers.

    I also as a new blogger, in trying to accomplish all the above goals makes a lot of mistakes and end up getting disappointed. I am really thankful to you for this blog, because every point mention by you in this blog really help the newbie in understanding their mistakes and where they are going wrong. Great post!


    • Rahul Choudhary

      I’m glad you found it helpful Ruhee. Thanks a bunch for stopping by. Keep thriving!! You got this.


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