9 Reasons Why Your Lead Magnet Is Not Converting (& How To Fix Them)

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Reasons why your lead magnet is not converting

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your email list. If you’re here to read this post, then obviously you know about that.

But what you also know is that your lead magnets are not converting and you’re here to find out the reasons.

Many people would tell you that lead magnets are dead. Just like they say that blogging is dead or SEO is dead.

You can never argue with these people…

It’s like fighting with a bull, only you get hurt!

Lead magnets work. It works for me and it’s gonna work for you as well, of course, if you do it right.

So, let’s dive into the reasons why your lead magnets aren’t converting and how to fix them.

Not targeting a specific audience

“A product for everyone is a product for no one.”

The same goes for your lead magnets as well. If you’re not targeting a specific audience with your lead magnet then it’s not gonna work.

What do I mean by targeting a specific audience?

For example, let’s say you blog about 3 different topics: fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Now, each of these topics has its own different sets of audiences. If you target all of them with your lead magnet then, obviously it’s gonna get confusing for them.

But if you create different lead magnets for those different sets of audiences, you bet they are gonna work.

Targeting the wrong audience

Continuing with the same above example… what happens when you drive traffic that’s interested in “beauty” content to a “fashion” lead magnet?

Are they gonna sign up?

Some of them might… but most of them won’t! and your conversion rate is going to suck.

The same thing is going to happen when you promote a “fashion” lead magnet in a “beauty” blog post.

It only makes sense to present the right type of lead magnet to the right kind of audience… people who are genuinely going to be interested in what you’re offering.

Not all traffic is good traffic!

Weak Content

This one’s pretty obvious. Isn’t it?

If you’re offering poor quality content then nobody’s gonna sign-up for your lead magnet.

Just because you’re offering it for free that doesn’t mean it can be useless. Well, it can be… but it must not be!

You need to provide as much value as you possibly can… for free.

Moreover, your blog posts need to be of top-notch quality as well.

If people don’t get value from your blog posts, then they’re going to believe that your lead magnets are gonna be of the same quality as well.

And it can stop them from signing up.

So, make sure that you not only create high-quality blog posts but your lead magnets are not weak in content as well.

Doesn’t solve a specific problem

You also need to make sure that your lead magnet targets and solves a specific problem.

Don’t try to cover the whole topic or niche in a single lead magnet.

If it solves a specific problem, then it would attract a specific type of audience associated with that problem.

And allows you to market a specific paid product or service to that audience.


Because they already have that problem and are looking for a solution.

Not doing proper research

This one is the mother of all problems!

Do this wrong and everything else right… and your lead magnet still won’t convert.

You need to do proper research and validate your lead magnet idea before you even start creating it.

What’s the point of creating a lead magnet that nobody wants?

So… how do you do proper research and validate your lead magnet idea?

There are two ways to do this…

First, you can ask your audience. Create a poll on your social media accounts and ask your existing email subscribers.

Second, you can look at what your competitors are doing, what’s working for them… and remodel their idea (DO NOT COPY!) and create something similar.

Lack of social proof

This doesn’t apply to all the niches or lead magnets.

For example, lead magnets that help your audience to keep a track of something like checklists or spreadsheets, don’t need any kind of social proof.

Everybody knows they work. Their job is to help you keep track of stuff!

But if you have a lead magnet that promises some kind of results.. like a lead magnet promising to help make the first $100 online, then having social proof like testimonials can significantly boost your conversion rates.

You can easily set up an autoresponder to ask your lead magnet subscribers for a testimonial.

Weak headline + CTA

Sometimes what happens is that no matter how good your offer or freebie is, it just doesn’t connect with your audience.

Or they just don’t seem to take action or sign-up.

The reason?

Most of the time, it’s your headline or CTA.

You wanna make sure that your headline is clear, addresses the main benefit of your freebie, and easy to read.

Your headline should be able to hook your audience to your landing page copy. They should be compelled to read the entire offer.

Also Read: 9 Proven tips for writing captivating titles & headlines

Your CTA or call-to-action must also be something intriguing. Avoid dull CTAs like “Sign-up”.

CTAs like “Send me the freebie” or “Give me the freebie” etc. seem to perform better and convert well.

Poor graphics on the landing page

Either use no graphics at all or if you’re using some, make sure they’re good.

Because poor graphics can make your audience feel hesitant or lose trust in your brand.

Apple creates awesome phones but that doesn’t mean they can get away with poorly designed advertisements. Their graphics and design whether it’s in video ads or billboards are crisp and catch instant attention.

You’re no Apple, but your brand image matters a lot.

And if anybody tells you otherwise, run in the opposite direction!

No A/B testing

Email list building is not a “create and forget” thing.

You need to constantly keep testing new things and making tweaks to find out what’s working and what’s not working.

If you just create a single lead magnet and a single landing page, then you’d never find out if some other variation can perform or not?

You need to constantly keep testing new lead magnets, and tweaking your landing page elements to find out if anything else can perform better.

That’s how you grow!

Don’t just create and forget.

Final Words

I’m confident that after reading this post and making the necessary changes in your lead magnets and landing pages, you’ll see a significant increase in your conversion rates.

You can also check out my Email Marketing Bundle if you want to learn more about email marketing, list building, and monetizing your list.

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9 reasons why your lead magnet is not converting

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