Outbound Links: Is Linking to Other Sites a Good Idea For Your Blog?

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Outbound links

One of the questions often asked to me or in blogging Facebook groups is…

“Should I link to other sites in your blog posts?”

“Is it a good idea or it can affect my SEO?”

“Aren’t people going to leave my sight and it’s going to increase my bounce rate?”

I get it… just like the other types of links, Outbound links are an important topic!

If you haven’t guessed already… Outbound linking means linking to other sites from your blog posts. That’s as simple as I could go!

So, in this post, I’m gonna be answering all those questions about why linking to other sites might actually be a good idea and what are some common myths around it.

So let’s get started…

Inbound links vs. Outbound Links

I have already told you about the outbound links above.

Inbound links, on the other hand, mean internal linking of your content or linking your own relevant content or pages among each other.

Inbound links are also called internal links while outbound links are also referred to as external links.

You’ll hear about them quite a lot in the blogging world… but I believe that outbound links or linking to other external sites in your content are often left quite under-discussed in comparison to the inbound links.

Even though you’re transferring your link juice to the site you’re linking to, it’s still one of the important ranking factors and methods for organic link building.

If nobody linked to anybody, how are you supposed to build natural links?

Quality content automatically gets linked to.

So, let’s see why linking to other websites might actually be a good idea for your search engine rankings.

Builds Trust

One of the most important factors when it comes to building credibility or selling online is trust.

You cannot succeed in the online marketing world without trust.

And linking to other quality sites within your blog posts shows people that you are not afraid of sharing content or information that might actually help them.

And that, in turn, helps you build trust.

“Aren’t people going to leave my sight and it’s going to increase my bounce rate?”

They are going to leave your blog anyway so might as well get them to leave with some trust and respect built for you.

Bounce rate is the most commonly misunderstood metric there is when it comes to creating your blog traffic.

You only have to worry about it when people are leaving your site due to slow speed or irrelevant information.

The second one often happens when people are looking for something on Google and your blog shows up.. but it’s not the content that they were looking for, so they go back and look for another option.

We all do that all the time when we don’t find something that we search for.

That is the bounce rate that you should be worried about.

Good for SEO

The Internet is not just about any single website, any single blog, or any single person.

It is more about a community, group of things, group of people, a network or mode which helps us share and exchange information.

And this is exactly what you do when you link to other authority sites within your blog post.

You start sharing information, you become a source of information and this helps search engines like Google see you as a credible source of information who is again not afraid of sharing content that might actually help your audience.

It is also the reason why many of these SEO plugins like Yoast and Rankmath ask you to add at least one outbound link when you are writing your blog post and they give you a green signal for it as well.

Could Increase Your Blog Traffic

Linking to other sites in a blog post can also increase your blog traffic and give you a significant temporary traffic boost.


All you need to do is notify the person whom you have linked to in your blog post and politely ask them to share it with their audience and that you would highly appreciate it.

Eight out of ten times, that person would share your article with their audience because you are doing them a favor by giving them a free backlink from your blog.

So it makes sense that they would like to reciprocate by sharing your article with their audience.


And if they have a good reach or social media presence then you will get a significant boost in your blog traffic and some of them might even convert into your email subscribers… Win-Win for both of you.

Final Thoughts

Yes, linking to other sites might actually be a good idea for your blog.

But… only if you are linking to quality, authoritative, reputable sites (especially industry leaders!) and not to some spammy sites or junky websites (If you still want to link to them, you could use the nofollow attribute!).

Here are two quick tips for linking to other sites:

  • If possible, try linking to .gov or .edu websites as these are highly authoritative sources.
  • Add the link to be opened in a new tab so people don’t have to go back again to your blog if they want to.

I hope this post answered your question and if you found it useful, don’t forget to share it from the social media sharing buttons below. You can also pin it to one of your Pinterest boards and it won’t take more than a few seconds.

Outbound links: is linking to other sites a good idea for your blog

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