12 Modern SEO tips to Explode Your Search Traffic

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12 modern SEO tips to explode your search traffic

The Internet is literally filled with SEO tips to increase your search engine traffic. It’s a brave new Internet world, and search engine optimization changes almost daily.

In order to stay on top of the search rankings, you have to be prepared to adapt to the changes, employ new technology, find new tactics, and grow with the trends.

The days of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” no longer apply.

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The fact is that when you look at a website nowadays, you have to evaluate it with the mindset that everything is broken, that it isn’t working, and apply new ideas to serve your customers better.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of these new trends, as well as glossing over trends that still work, for the moment.

This is only a brief guide in the world of search engine optimization.

And these strategies will change.

If you are willing to innovate and continue to innovate, you will get the best results.

Things keep changing

Those who take SEO tips at their face value will be left hopelessly behind the pack, always employing strategies after they’ve become outdated.

So, as you read over these strategies and tactics, refrain from the mindset of
“I need to try that,” and instead ask yourself repeatedly, “How can I take this idea and make it better?”

Think about how much the world has changed to this point, from having the right URL to having the right keywords to using long-tail keyword loaded headlines.

The idea that anything is stable in the current market is fiction.

Look from your reader’s eyes

Jumping right into it, we need to have a thorough look over your website from the perspective of anybody but, well… you.

For starters, pretend that you are a user or visitor of your site…

  • What does the navigation look like?
  • Would you want to stay on this page?
  • Is there plenty of meaningful information linked that wets your appetite?
  • for information? Or are you simply looking at another business page?

If there isn’t anything of high value to your customers, then they aren’t going to stick around, and they aren’t likely to convert.

Everything should be super easy. A four-year-old should be able to navigate your website on a touch screen. There shouldn’t be anything that is even slightly confusing. If there is, make a note of it.

  • What kind of behind the scenes site architecture are you using?
  • Are your pages well laid out and structured properly, or are individual pages buried in folder after folder?

Make your site architecture easy for spiders to navigate.

  • Do you have links out to relevant information?
  • Do you have outside links at all?

Customers trust sites that give them lots of information quickly and easily. Web crawlers like pages that link to relevant off-site content, and you will be judged by where your links are pointed.

If all of your links are internal, you simply aren’t going to rank as high on today’s search engines. Keywords are truly irrelevant when it comes to this aspect.

Figure out what pages provide the most value-added information to your visitors and link to them. Even if you are redirecting them away from the site (you can always open the links in a new tab) they will come back to you for more information.

This is just the foundation. Now let’s discuss the tactics… or 12 Modern SEO Tips to explode your search traffic.

Tip #1: Does your page load quickly?

Go to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and check your site speed. Don’t think about it, just do it.

If it’s not loading in <5 secs, then you are doing something very wrong with your site’s layout or strategy.

There’s no gimmicks, no prompt to sign up or hand out your email address. It’s a very helpful site, and it will analyze your loading speed quickly and give you tips on how to improve your optimization.

Tip #2: What does your site look like on mobile?

Mobile trumps laptop or desktop nowadays in the modern age. All the time. Every time.

If your website isn’t any good on mobile, then it isn’t any good, period.

More users navigate to websites through their phones and tablets, and mobile devices are consuming the market share that was once desktop only. This is a trend, not a fad.

Look around.

  • How many people do you see using their phones?
  • How many on a desktop?

As the trend continues, it’s important to make sure that not only does your site looks good on a mobile device, but mobile should be a priority over computer users.

Think mobile first.

What does your website experience SOUND like?

More people are searching the web with their voices. They are listening to websites, rather than reading them. They are watching videos instead of reading.

Catch this trend early, and you’ll stay a step ahead of the search engines, and you will keep your spot at the top.

Tip #3: You need to own your market.

Start by figuring out what kind of keywords your customers are using to stumble across your site. You will find this in your analytics, under common Google search strings, or something similar.

It’s incredibly important to know the keywords and own the market.

Keywords might be outdated, but they still play an important role in SEO and that shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

Tip #4: Put first things first.

The most engaging content for a web browser should be right in the middle of the screen, just below your headline.

On mobile, it should be right at the top. Give them what they want.

Your users are coming to you for a reason, so don’t waste two inches on a phone screen to bash them over the head with something they don’t care about.

Take them straight to the good stuff. Engaging, interactive images that lead to articles will entice them to click, instead of shuffling off to the next site on the Google search.

Tip #5: Everything should be visible to the spiders.

Even pictures of text should have tags so that spiders can read them too.

Make it easy for the spiders in the same way that you would make it easy for your customers.

Tip #6: Add outbound links.

You don’t have to redirect to a bunch of news articles.

You don’t need to spam affiliate links everywhere.

What you need are solid links to top-notch existing content. This not only saves you money trying to get the best content on your site, but it adds a ton of value to your customers.

Tip #7: Get advice from the pros.

Spend some time looking at the biggest companies, and what their websites look like, so you can skim off the millions of dollars they throw into research figuring out what customers want to see.

You don’t have to spend the money, or even see the white papers, to use the research.

Mimicry is a wonderful thing. Take all the good ideas and use them yourself.

Tip #8: Optimize your content.

Figure out which pages on your blog are working the best, and turn them into a series of posts if necessary.

Reconstruct everything from the ground up.

Shuffle the data around, and lump each type of blog post into a group or category that matches it, with a catchy category name.

Constant innovation means doing the hard work. Spend time making every little detail the best that it can be.

Better category grouping means a cleaner architecture, both for your customers and for the search spiders.

Tip #9: Revamp your Social Strategy.

You have social media accounts, but are they attracting new users to your website? Are you getting anything from them at all?

It’s time to engage. Get a Reddit account, sign up for forums and participate in threads.

Every forum post has backlinks available directly in the signature. Every up-vote on Reddit or Quora increases your visibility.

Instead of having a static page on Facebook to advertise your products and blog posts, consider starting a group for your loyal fans and how it could benefit you.

There’s a lot of ways that groups on Facebook can provide far better interaction and community response. So, give it a try and do some research to help you make a calculated effort.

Tip #10: Be engaged.

Use social media for your blog/business the same way that you would use it for your personal life.

By applying the innovation mentality this way, you can find new ways to promote that your competitors haven’t considered, and you can own those markets before they become markets.

Tip #11: Don’t use social platforms out of their own scope.

If you are on Snapchat, be the content, not the commercial that everyone skips.

If you are on YouTube, post eye-catching, shareable videos hosting your product as an element, not the focus.

If you are product marketing, review products, both yours and other people’s.

Don’t be an advertiser, be engaged.

Tip #12: Find free site evaluation tools and use them, constantly.

If you are stuck on how to tune your website, then get some analytic data. There are hundreds of tools out there that will evaluate your website for free and offer you insights.

Figure out what isn’t working, and try to fix it.

Ask your email list if there is something they would like to see on your homepage (and include a linked image of the site).

Final Words

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list of SEO tips or a full out accredited course on the whole SEO thing.

However, hopefully, I’ve shown you a couple of nuggets that you haven’t considered yet, and more importantly, that I’ve helped you to develop a mindset geared toward change and innovation.

There’s a lot of changes that have already hit, and many more to come in regards to SEO and the rules that are ever-transforming.

  • You have to be engaged.
  • You have to innovate.

You’ll either be leading the pack and paving your own way or sucking the dust from others who are. If you aren’t in the pack, look at the websites of those who are.

Don’t just steal their ideas about layout and design, take them as a first draft and find ways to make them even better. Innovate.

Don’t bother with fly-by-night methods that promise quick results, take the time and effort to build a long term strategy and you will be rewarded for many years to come.

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12 modern SEO tips to explode your search traffic

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