5 Awesome Mailchimp Alternatives That Offer Free Email Marketing Services

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Mailchimp Alternatives

When you get into the online marketing world or start with email marketing, one tool you constantly hear about is Mailchimp.

Mailchimp, being one of the oldest email marketing tools on the planet, used to be one of the top tools as well and especially due to its free plan.

But then, recently it started losing its touch and people started looking for better alternatives.

A few reasons why people started looking for Mailchimp alternatives are:

  • Complicated user interface and not innovating marketing automation.
  • Not so user-friendly pricing anymore.
  • Their confusing affiliate marketing policies.
  • Poor email deliverability and customer support.
  • And a lot more…

And if you’re reading this post, then it’s probably because you are frustrated with the tool yourself.

So, let’s look at some of the best Mailchimp alternatives that offer free email marketing services.



ConvertKit is one of the most popular and highly recommended email marketing tools among bloggers and content creators.

Nathan Barry, being a content creator himself, founded ConvertKit with a tagline: the power of Infusionsoft with the ease of Mailchimp.

And it does really make email marketing easy and you actually start enjoying the whole process.

ConvertKit is a robust tag-based email marketing tool that allows you to segment your email list, build powerful automation, forms, and landing pages inside the tool itself.

Its “resend to unopened” feature is a good option for retargeting your campaigns to those you didn’t see or open your emails.

It integrates with almost every 3rd party tool or software and offers extensive documentation and phenomenal chat-based customer service.

I use ConvertKit for my business as well and highly recommend it to everyone getting started with email marketing.

They have a free forever plan for up to 1000 subscribers as well. The only downside of this plan is that you don’t get access to automation & sequences. Otherwise, it’s the best alternative to Mailchimp that you could think of.



Mailerlite is a really good Mailchimp alternative and direct competitor that offers simple email marketing services without much fuss.

It has segmentation, A/B testing, an easy-to-use email builder and landing page builder, automated workflows, and more.

Some drawbacks of Mailerlite include not so advanced automation and lack of integrations with 3rd party tools.

Some of the major features of the free Mailerlite plan include:

  • Email Builder.
  • Landing Page Builder.
  • Segmentation & Personalization.
  • Surveys.
  • Analytics.

The free plan includes up to 1000 subscribers + 12K emails per month and is a great choice for beginner bloggers & email marketers. The downside of the free plan is that all your emails will include Mailerlite branding.

Another problem with Mailerlite is its review process for new accounts. They often decline your application, so you better reach out to them.



Moosend, UK-based, founded in 2012 is a powerful email marketing tool that offers world-class features, advanced marketing automations, and a very friendly user interface dedicated to helping small businesses.

You can use it to manage multiple email campaigns and email lists. It has beautiful templates as well as a drag & drop builder to design responsive newsletters.

Some really excellent features include intelligent email automation, A/B testing, personalization, tags & segmentation, landing pages & subscription forms, and awesome reporting.

Moosend also integrates with a lot of 3rd party tools & services.

But like every other email marketing platform, it has its own drawbacks as well. Sometimes the interface can be a bit laggy. Opt-in forms need to be improved as well and there are deliverability issues too sometimes.

It offers a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers without access to priority support and landing pages. Other than that, the pro plan starts from $9/ month which is quite affordable compared to other tools.



Sendinblue is more than just a simple email marketing tool. It is a complete digital marketing platform packed with awesome features for all kinds of businesses.

It has a ton of powerful tools to create email newsletters & autoresponders, email marketing automation, SMS marketing services, A/B testing, landing pages, Facebook ads, live chat, and much more.

They also have a personalized marketing automation feature that lets you send emails to a targeted audience based on user behavior.

SendinBlue makes an excellent Mailchimp alternative with a lot of additional cool features like SMS marketing and live chat software.

It comes with an easy to use template builder and offers great email deliverability.

They offer a forever plan as well along with fair pricing for small businesses.

The only problem is that the free plan lacks a lot of features like A/B testing, landing page builder, etc. and has a daily sending limit of 300.

But it’s still a great email marketing tool to get started.



Mailjet is not just any email marketing platform. It is used by a lot of MNCs and businesses due to its extensive list of features.

It offers an email API to build transactional emails into your web-based or mobile app. This feature allows your app to send milestone emails, upgrade confirmations, invoice notices, and much more. Cool, isn’t it?

Some of the major features include:

  • Email Builder.
  • Transactional Emails.
  • Email Analytics.
  • Transactional SMS.
  • Custom Email Templates.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Segmentation & Personalization.
  • Marketing Automation Workflows.

They also have a free plan which offers 6K emails per month or 200 emails per day with an unlimited number of subscribers. (which is quite low!)

The basic plan starts with $9.65/month for 30K emails with no daily sending limit.

Final Thoughts

Even though all the email marketing tools mentioned in this post offer a free plan, but my most favorite tool is still ConvertKit.

It is the best Mailchimp alternative for beginners and I’d recommend it to everyone getting started with list building.

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mailchimp alternatives that offer free email marketing

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