7 Amazing Ways to Get Great Blog Post Ideas

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7 amazing ways to get great blog post ideas

Have you come to a point where to don’t know what to blog about?

You might wonder how some bloggers manage to stay inspired and to find new topics effortlessly while others (like you) struggle to find new ideas.

However, the truth of the matter is that many of those prolific bloggers didn’t start off that way. Just like you, those prolific bloggers had periods of time when they couldn’t come up with great blog post ideas and when they no idea where to look for inspiration.

The difference between you and them is that they figured out how to overcome this problem.

If you want to overcome this problem, all you have to do is find reliable sources of great ideas and then tap them periodically to make sure you don’t run out of material.

Below, you’ll learn 7 useful strategies you can employ to get great blog post ideas:

Ask your readers

Not surprisingly, your readers know what they want to read about more than anyone else. This is precisely why any attempt to generate new blog topics should begin with a frank discussion between you and your blog readers.

If you use WordPress or a blogging platform that permits it, consider using a plugin (WP-Polls for WordPress) to conduct two different polls.

  • The first poll should ask what direction readers would like your blog to move towards in the long run.
  • And the second should ask which topic they would like you to discuss in an upcoming feature piece. You might consider creating a new poll for the second question on a monthly basis.

In addition to soliciting readers’ advice through polls, you may also want to explicitly ask them to tell you what you should write about through comments or in your email newsletters.

This will give them greater freedom to explain what they would like to see on your blog.

Finally, if you do not already own a blog, you should start by soliciting this type of advice on relevant niche forums or through your email list. Explain what you plan to do and then ask what people would like to read about.

Listen to your readers

In many situations, you don’t even need to solicit your readers’ advice! There’s a very good chance that simply paying attention to the comments section of your blog will yield all of the information you need.

Example: Was there a rigorous debate in the comments section over one of your previous topics? Or was there a blog entry that was accompanied by a flurry questions that you never addressed explicitly?

Have you started to realize a new blog post opportunity?

These are all things you may want to come back to in the future by creating a second blog post on the topic.

Lurk on Forums

Lurking on forums can be a great way to generate blog entry ideas. If you don’t already visit forums regularly, you can find some in your niche by searching like “[your keyword] forum” at Google.

Example: “golf forums” or “internet marketing forum”.

You can also check out popular forums like Quora and Reddit.

When you’re on the forums, look specifically for hot topics. For instance, if a thread has received hundreds of replies and has remained at the top of the forum for a sustained period of time, then there’s a good chance that it will prove popular on your blog, too.

Also, if a post proves to be controversial and draws a lively debate between forum members, it may also be something you should consider importing to your blog.

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Read Newspapers and Magazines

When reading online media, it’s all too easy to jump around without getting an in-depth overview of a topic.

Sitting down to read a magazine or newspaper can often be a better way to get a more detailed, detached perspective of current events and hot topics.

So, grab a few magazines and newspapers of choice and take notes as you read through them.

Look for topics that have the potential to be funny, exciting, useful, or controversial. And then use them to stimulate discussion on your blog.

Check Facebook groups

There are a lot of niche-related Facebook groups in which People ask questions on a daily basis.

What you can do is take out the most popular ones and answer them in the form of blog posts on your blog.

This is one of my favorite ways to get great blog post ideas.

Use Keyword tools

One way to understand your blog readers better is to find out what they look for on the Internet. You can do this by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Using this tool, you can simply enter a word or phrase, such as “golf equipment” and the tool will return a massive list of related keywords, including such things as “golf umbrella” and “new golf clubs.”

Here, you’ve tens and maybe hundreds of keywords that you can easily turn into blog post ideas!

You can also sort these results by the search volume they received, which will allow you to isolate the most popular keywords.

Continue an Interesting Conversation

Sometimes you won’t even need to come up with a fresh idea by yourself!

Here is how: Next time you encounter a hot conversation on another blog or in a forum, continue it on your own blog. Mention briefly where you found the conversation, give an overview of the arguments on each side, and then support one or the other.

Since blog readers in your niche are likely to have strong feelings about such topics, you can expect a strong response.

Final Words

Coming up with new blog entry ideas can be difficult. However, it doesn’t need to be impossible.

All you have to do is create a list of places where you can reliably find good new blog post ideas and then tap them as needed.

Using the 7 strategies I’ve shared with you above, you may find that it is much easier to recover from your next spell of writers’ block.

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7 amazing ways to get great blog post ideas

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  1. Monica

    Very useful tips!!

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Thanks a bunch, Monica!

  2. Deon Christie

    Outstanding post, well done Rahul! These are all excellent ways to gather knowledge and produce quality content. And conversation makes for high quality traffic. The key however will always be to add value to the conversation right?

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Thank you very much, Deon! Yes, the whole point is to add value to the conversation.

  3. Erin

    Great ideas for blog post ideas. Thanks for sharing this list.

    • Rahul Choudhary

      I’m glad you found it useful!

  4. Christi

    I love the taking a poll idea to see what new content readers want you to post! Good read!

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Yes! Using a poll is also a nice idea. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Vox

    I LOVE these ideas! Another way that I handle trying to figure out what to write about is to keep a running list of the things that excite me. Not only are they things that motivate me to write quickly, but I can usually steer the topic of what I like toward something I have already seen others express interest in, so it’s a win-win! Thanks for reminding of a few other ways that I haven’t tried.

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Thanks for stopping by!


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