Convertkit Review: The Best Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers

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Compared to other email marketing tools in the market, Convertkit is like the new kid on the block built by Nathan Barry.

Convertkit used to say this in their tagline “The power of Infusionsoft, but easier to use than MailChimp.” which might not be completely true.

I switched to this tool after using GetResponse for a quite long time and so far I’m loving it.

No doubt that there are a few areas of improvement which I’ll be talking about later in this post.

In this Convertkit review, I’ll be talking about the features, pros, and cons of using this new email marketing platform and if this is the right email marketing platform for you.

What actually is Convertkit?

As I mentioned, Convertkit is a new, sleek and simple email marketing tool built by Nathan Barry.

You can build and manage your email list and send mass emails called “broadcasts” whenever you want to send your word out.

It is specifically focussed towards bloggers, content creators, and infopreneurs.

We can’t call it an overnight success for this new tool. It got popular after a few years, after getting backed up by big influential players in the market.

Currently, there are 20000+ content creators using Convertkit including some big names in the market like Pat Flynn and Tim Ferris.

Convertkit landing page

Interface & its simplicity

The Convertkit interface is one of the simplest I’ve ever seen in the market and that’s why I love it.

On your main screen or dashboard, you’ll see a graph showing your net new subscribers and your total subscribers.

There’s a whole list of subscribers below the graph from where you can easily add, delete or tag any subscriber.

The whole platform is divided into 5 different sections – subscribers, automation, forms & landing pages, sequences, and broadcasts.

I’ve used Getresponse and their user interface is kinda boring and not so user-friendly.

Convertkit dashboard - subscriber growth chart

Trust me, it is so user-friendly that you won’t even need any tutorial to go through Convertkit’s interface.

Tagging & Segmentation

Convertkit is totally built around the tagging system, which is by far the best way to manage your subscribers and automation.

There’s a single list for all of your subscribers. You can easily tag individual subscribers based on sign-up forms and their behavior on your site (Yes! they have a plugin for that).

You can even tag subscribers according to the links they click in your emails.

Then you can segment your subscribers based on forms & tags to send your emails to a large and specific audience with a few clicks only.

This tagging feature in Convertkit is extremely useful in sending targeted emails to a particular portion of your audience.


What’s the point of paying for an email marketing tool if you can’t even automate your tasks? Right?

Convertkit has a really powerful visual automation or workflow builder.

You can easily set triggers like someone joining a form or added a tag and you can send them a particular set of emails called a sequence.

You can even have multiple triggers for a single workflow which allows you to send really targeted emails to your subscribers.

convertkit automations

While the automation system in Convertkit is pretty straightforward and simple, it still lacks many advanced features.

Email broadcasts & templates

As we have already talked a lot about Convertkit’s simplicity, let me tell you that it does not have fancy newsletter templates like other platforms.

There are 4 types of templates that you can use – text, classic, modern and custom.

If you’re new to email marketing then you should know that sending fancy emails really hurts your deliverability.

That is why Convertkit keeps it really simple and you should focus on that as well.

Talking about broadcasts, you can filter your subscribers based on forms, tags or segments to send them targeted emails.

You can choose your recipients even before writing your emails.

The email composer has all the necessary options like adding links (to tag them as we discussed in the previous section), bold, italic, adding images, etc.

Once you’ve composed your email, you can preview it in your browser and send it to yourself.


When you believe that everything’s in place, you can either send your broadcast immediately or schedule it.

A/B testing

Convertkit allows you to test subject lines while sending broadcasts to decide which performs better.

And that’s it!

There’s no A/B testing for entire emails, sign-up forms or automations.

This is where Convertkit needs to work a lot.

Forms & Landing pages

For collecting emails you need some kind of forms and Convertkit allows you to create landing pages and sign-up forms to embed into your website.

There are basically three types of forms that you can create – Inline, modal, slide-in & Sticky bar.

But when it comes to customizing these forms you’re going to lose your head. Yes! a ton of features are there but WE NEED MORE.

Landing pages, on the other hand, are pretty useful and user-friendly.

With Convertkit’s WordPress plugin, you can choose to show specific form on a particular page or you can also use shortcodes to embed those forms.

incentive form

If you’re a page builder user just like me, you probably won’t need these forms and landing page features much.

I use Divi theme which allows me to create landing pages and sign-up forms within the theme itself.

Tracking & Reporting

This is another area where Convertkit needs a lot of improvement.

It tracks basics like your subscriber growth and your net total email subscribers.

This email marketing tool also does a pretty good job at providing basic reports for your broadcasts, sequences and sign-up forms.

Broadcast report

It tracks your open + click rates as well as conversion rates of your opt-in forms.

There’s also this great feature called “resend to unopens” that allows you to resend your campaign by making a few changes.


Convertkit pretty much integrates with a ton of different apps and it has Zapier integration as well.

As of writing, it integrates with 90+ apps from various categories like eCommerce, lead capture, CRM, membership & course building sites and everything you can find on their Integrations page.


Personally, I’m using Gumroad to sell my digital products and Teachable for my online courses and It integrates with both of them.

Pricing & Support

When it comes to pricing, we can’t call Convertkit a very beginner-friendly email marketing tool.

The basic plan starts with $29/month for up to 1000 email subscribers with an unlimited number of emails (which is a good thing!). But you can easily get started for FREE!

Pricing convertkit

If we talk about support & documentation, you’re going to be pretty impressed.

They provide 24x7x365 live chat and email support + they also have quality documentation, tutorials, and vlogs to guide you.

Convertkit – Pros

Here are a few things that I really like about Convertkit –

  • Really easy to use.
  • Great user-friendly design and interface.
  • Awesome tag-based system
  • Free migration over 5000 subscribers
  • A/B testing for broadcast emails
  • No charge for duplicate subscribers (Which is a great thing and saves you money.)
  • Simple email sequence creator
  • Visual automation builder
  • Tons of integrations + the WordPress plugin
  • Great customer support & documentation
  • Constant updates with new features and improvements

Convertkit – Cons

Here are a few things that I don’t like about this tool and needs improvements –

  • No A/B testing for automation or sequence emails
  • Limited sign-up form customization
  • Not many ways to deal with cold subscribers

Is Convertkit the right tool for you?

I’d say that if you’re a blogger, content creator or infopreneur then yes, this is the right tool for you.

If you like simple things and don’t wanna dive much into technicals then just go for it.

I’m sure this not-so-new kid in the email marketing business won’t disappoint you.

Which email marketing platform are you currently using?

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ConvertKit review: the best email marketing tool for bloggers

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Email Marketing Tool

ConvertKit was specifically created keeping bloggers and content creators in mind. It is the most recommended email marketing tool for bloggers.
Plus, if you choose to try it through our link, you get a special 30-day trial instead of the regular 14.

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  1. Patty

    I keep hearing wonderful things about Convertkit. Will keep this in mind for when I grow my list! Thanks!

    • Rahul Choudhary

      You should start growing your email list right away Patty!

  2. Jenny Bhatia

    I switched to ConvertKit over the summer. You are right, it is super user-friendly. AND it makes sense. My other ESP, I don’t know, just didn’t make much sense to me. I am happy to read that you agree. I re-engaged with my list over the summer after switching. Very happy with my choice.

    • Rahul Choudhary

      That’s really great! Thankyou for stopping by Jenny.



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