5 Evergreen Ways to Promote Affiliate Products On Your Blog

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5 evergreen ways to promote affiliate products on your blog

Promoting affiliate links is one of the best ways by which bloggers and content creators make most of their income online.

It takes more than just signing up for an affiliate program and putting your affiliate links everywhere to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Every great affiliate marketing strategy has a lot of valuable content behind it.

If you don’t have a blog yet, here’s an in-depth article to help you start one.

If your content sucks, you’re going to have a really hard time to capture your visitor’s attention. And without that attention, you can’t build trust to convince your visitor to make a purchase.

Before you start creating a ton of affiliate marketing content, let’s take a step back and talk about content marketing as a whole and why it’s important.

After that, I’ll share with you 5 evergreen ways or you can say ‘types of content’ you can use to promote affiliate links on your blog.

Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is when a person or brand creates and shares content to a wide audience. Bloggers do it all the time.

Not every piece of content is meant to promote a brand. It is often used to enhance the reader’s perception of the blogger or content creator and increase their interest in their products or services.

With the rapid growth of social media use, email list building, and other digital marketing channels, content marketing is not only applicable to blogs.

The main reason why bloggers and content creators like us invest so heavily in content marketing is to open a conversation with our current and prospective customers.

This kind of engagement can help us build a great bond with our audience and thus improve our products, process, and most importantly, our sales.

Now, that’s how we use content marketing to drive affiliate sales.

Writing affiliate marketing content

If you really want your blog to make some decent amount of money then creating valuable affiliate marketing content could be one of the best time investments you put into your blog.

One of the reasons why affiliate marketing is so attractive is that after creating the content, you can promote it with automated social media scheduling tools.

You can also create paid ads to drive more traffic to your affiliate content right away.

You can also optimize your content with keywords for better long-term SEO, which will lead to free traffic over time.

It also allows you to build your authority as a top expert in your field while you build higher levels of trust with your target audience.

Doesn’t all of this sound great?

Let’s jump right in and discuss the 5 different types of content marketing ways you can use on your blog to promote affiliate links.

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Review Posts

Writing a review post or creating a video for the product is one of the simplest ways to start with affiliate marketing.

In the video or post, you can share what you like and don’t like about the product along with your final recommendations.

Now, you must be wondering why you would share what you don’t like about the product if you want to make sales. That seems counterintuitive, right?

Well, Sharing things that you don’t like actually builds trust with your audience. It tells them that you are looking out for their best interests, not just selling something you claim is absolutely perfect when it’s not.

Look at my review post on the Divi theme, you’d notice how I mention the cons of using this theme. This is because, as a user, I face those problems as well and I want my audience to be aware of them before making any final decision.

When you share the things you don’t like, you can always minimize them by sharing workarounds, why it’s not a priority to you or your audience, and focus on a benefit that makes the drawback completely irrelevant.


Along with sharing product reviews, you can also share the exact steps you took to create something or how that product is used.

If you were able to prepare a full week of meals for your family in a few short hours, you could share what products you used and walk people through the sequence of ingredients you used to create each meal.

If you had a variety of fashion accessories you wanted to share, you could create a tutorial of how you put together five different outfits with each accessory. The number of possibilities is endless!

Tutorials make for great video content since you want to show your audience how you did something or created something with the products you are affiliate marketing.

Since it translates into highly actionable content, it’s easier to convince your audience to take action and purchase from your affiliate link.

Case studies

Review posts and tutorials are a great way to explain why you love a tool or product and how to use it, but it’s even better to share what results you’ve had after using it.

What are you more likely to buy: a skincare product your favorite blogging influencer says will “get rid of dark spots quick”, or a skincare product where the blogger shows an amazing before and after photo of their improved skin? Most of us would say the latter!

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

If you have a success story behind a product you’d like to become an affiliate for, by all means, share it!! It will only help you enhance your affiliate marketing strategy and strengthen your pitch.

Resource page

While I recommend creating blog posts and, if possible, video content on your best-performing affiliate marketing products, it’s also smart to have a Resource page on your website that can act as a full directory of everything you recommend.

Do you find yourself always getting emails about what tools you use to run your blog or business, what items to pack during a solo travel trip, or what brands you recommend for beauty products?

If so, you might want to create a resources list so you don’t have to keep answering the same questions over and over.

Also, by creating this list and putting it on your website, you can create additional affiliate marketing content that will generate sales if someone decides to buy something from your affiliate link.

Check out my resource page.

Product comparisons

Instead of creating one blog post or video for every product you want to be an affiliate for, why not review multiple products at a time?

When you choose which products to compare against one another, think about which products your customers are likely researching about.

Do you hear your friends, family members, or other online audience members trying to make a decision between one product or another? If so, that will tell you the best products to review.

When you create a comparison, it’s okay to share your opinion, even if it’s a little biased.

Just make sure to state any bias you may have, such as recommending a product heavily because your best friend works at the specific company or the product creator is one of your clients.

People will respect you for being honest!


Making affiliate sales is all about building trust. Once your audience starts trusting you, convincing them to buy from you gets a lot easier.

What’s your favorite type of affiliate marketing content?

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5 evergreen ways to promote affiliate products on your blog

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    Great tips for promoting affiliate links. I’m struggling with affiliate marketing at the moment. I get a lot of clicks but no sales and still haven’t figured out how to convert.

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Don’t rush, You’ll figure it out soon. It could be anything like the wrong product or maybe your content not syncing with the product. You just gotta keep testing stuff.

    • Rahul Choudhary

      I checked out your video and it’s really good. Here’s a tip: Write a blog post as well and embed the video in it. It’ll convert better.

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    These are great tips! I’m not using affiliate marketing at the moment (trying to get my page visits and subscribers up first), but to be honest, before reading this post, it was all a bit scary. Thank you for giving me hope that I will be able to succeed when I am ready.

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      Yes! You should only promote products that you use and absolutely trust.

      And I really hope the course helps you!

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    Thank you for your tips! The thing I love the most about affiliate marketing is that fact that you can start right away and that it’s easy to set up, the only difficult part is actually getting sales!

    • Rahul Choudhary

      Thank you very much! And Yes, I completely agree that getting sales is hard, but once you build enough credibility people really start buying from you.

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    Love this write up Rahul! Your optins look amazing do you use convert kit ?

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      Thanks a bunch, Renee! Yes, I use ConvertKit for my opt-ins.

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